Academic Staff

Name Title Links
Chan, S.C. Chan, S.C. Professor
Chau, K.T. Chau, K.T. Professor
Chen, Quan Chen, Q. Research Assistant Professor
Chesi, G. Chesi, G. Associate Professor
Cheung, P.Y.S. Cheung, P.Y.S. Professor
Associate Vice-President (Research)
Cheung, S.W. Cheung, S.W. Associate Professor
Choi, A.H.W. Choi, A.H.W. Associate Professor
Choy, W.C.H. Choy, W.C.H. Associate Professor
Fok, W.W.T. Fok, W.W.T. Principal Lecturer (Industrial Training Manager), Assistant Dean of Engineering
Hill, D.J. Hill, D.J. Chair of Electrical Engineering
Hou, Y. Hou, Y. Assistant Professor
Huang, K.B. Huang, K.B. Assistant Professor
Hui, R.S.Y. Hui, R.S.Y. Chair of Power Electronics
Philip K H Wong Wilson K L Wong Professorship in Electrical Engineering
Hung, Y.S. Hung, Y.S. Professor
Jiang, L. Jiang, L. Associate Professor
Kwok, Y.K. Kwok, Y.K. Professor
Associate Vice-President (Teaching & Learning)
Lai, P.T. Lai, P.T. Professor
Lam, E.Y.M. Lam, E.Y.M. Professor
Lam, J.C.K. Lam, J.C.K Research Assistant Professor
Lam, K.H. Lam, K.H. Lecturer
Lam, W.H. Lam, W.H. Assistant Professor
Lee, C.K. Lee, C.K. Assistant Professor
Lee, W.K. Lee, W.K. Principal Lecturer
Lee, W.N. Lee, W.N. Assistant Professor
Leung, C.H. Leung, C.H. Associate Professor
Leung, K.C. Leung, K.C. Assistant Professor
Li, V.O.K. Li, V.O.K. Chair of Information Engineering and Head of Department
Lui, K.S. Lui, K.S. Associate Professor
Pang, G.K.H. Pang, G.K.H. Associate Professor
Pong, M.H. Pong, M.H. Associate Professor
Pong, P.W.T. Pong, P.W.T. Associate Professor
Roberts, R.C. Roberts, R.C. Research Assistant Professor
Sha. W. Sha, W. Research Assistant Professor
So. H.K.H. So, H.K.H. Assistant Professor
So. H.K.H. Sun, S. Research Assistant Professor
Tam, V.W.L. Tam, V.W.L. Principal Lecturer
Tan, S.C. Tan, S.C. Associate Professor
Tien, Norman C. Tien, N.C. Chair Professor and
Dean of Engineering
Tsia, K.K. Tsia, K.K. Assistant Professor
Wong, K.K.Y. Wong, K.K.Y. Associate Professor
Wong, N. Wong, N. Associate Professor
Wu, E.X. Wu, E.X. Associate Dean of Engineering
Chair of Biomedical Engineering
Lam Woo Professorship in Biomedical Engineering
Wu, Y.C. Wu, Y.C. Associate Professor
Yeung, L.K. Yeung, L.K. Professor
Yu, A.C.H. Yu, A.C.H. Research Assistant Professor
Yuk, T.I. Yuk, T.I. Lecturer
Yung, N.H.C. Yung, N.H.C. Associate Professor
Zhong, J. Zhong, J. Associate Professor

Honorary / Visiting Staff

Name Title Links
Chan, C.C. Chan, C.C. Honorary Professor
Chan, F.C. Chan, F.C. Honorary Professor
  Chan, K.F. Honorary Lecturer
Chang, C.Q. Chang, C.Q. Honorary Assistant Professor
Cheung, C.W. Cheung, C.W. Honorary Lecturer
Chew, W.C. Chew, W.C. Honorary Professor
Chin, Barry C.Y. Chin, B.C.Y. Honorary Lecturer
  Ching, H.T.W. Honorary Assistant Professor
  Chow, S.K. Honorary Lecturer
  Chu, S.S. Honorary Lecturer
Chui, P.C. Chui, P.C. Honorary Lecturer
  Fong, N.H.W. Honorary Assistant Professor
  Fung, P.C.W. Honorary Professor
  Ho, C.S. Honorary Lecturer
Ho, K.L. Ho, K.L. Honorary Associate Professor
  Lam, K.K. Honorary Lecturer
  Lee, Y.B. Honorary Professor
Lei, C.U. Lei, C.U. Honorary Assistant Professor
  Leung, H.K.H. Honorary Lecturer
Leung, W.S. Leung, W.S. Emeritus Professor
Leung, W.S. Liu, C.H. Honorary Assistant Professor
  Ma, S. Honorary Assistant Professor
  Mak, B.K. Honorary Lecturer
  Mak, C.M. Honorary Lecturer
Ng, H. Ng, H. Honorary Lecturer
Ng, T.S. Ng, T.S. Honorary Professor
  Saunders, S.H. Honorary Professor
  So, A.T.P. Honorary Associate Professor
  Tong, M. Honorary Professor
  Wang, Z. Honorary Associate Professor
Wu, F.F. Wu, F.F. Emeritus Professor
Honorary Professor
  Yen, J. Honorary Professor
  Yeung, P.Y.C. Honorary Lecturer
  Yuen, R.W.L. Honorary Lecturer
Z. Zhang Zhang, Z. Honorary Assistant Professor

(Updated on Jan 2015)