Alfred C. H. Yu
Biomedical Ultrasound Laboratory

Research Assistant Professor

Medical Engineering Program, EEE Department
The University of Hong Kong

B.Sc.(Distinction) (EE, Calgary) 2002
M.A.Sc. (EE/BME, Toronto) 2004
Ph.D. (EE/BME, Toronto) 2007

Hello! I am a core faculty member of the Medical Engineering Program at the University of Hong Kong. Our laboratory focuses on biomedical ultrasound research, and we are based within the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

In our laboratory, we have been actively developing our research enterprise in both diagnostic and therapeutic aspects of ultrasound. Our group likes to make various innovations and discoveries related to medical ultrasonics. Recently, we have worked on the following: Our laboratory has recently organized and hosted a special-topic spring school on biomedical ultrasound. Thanks to all our participants and guest lecturers! It has been a good knowledge sharing occasion.

Last Update: May 2015