The University of Hong Kong
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Safety Precautions in the handling
and Disposal of Chemicals

Proper consideration of safety in handling and disposal of chemicals should be observed. The following points must be observed for this purpose.

  1. All hazardous and toxic chemicals (acids, alkalines, some salts, and organics) must be identified. Material information sheets must be acquired and specific warning sign must be shown for potentially dangerous chemicals.
  2. In transport and transfer of chemicals, proper handling precautions provided by manufacturer must be observed. All containers for storage should be chemical resistant, leak free, and with good caps of stoppers.
  3. Gloves and goggles should be used while handling chemical of toxic nature. It is preferred that at least two persons should be present at all time while working with chemicals.
  4. Heating flammable solvent may cause fire. Such work must be carried out in a well-ventilation fume-cupboard.
  5. When you body is contact with the chemical, flush your body with plenty of fresh water and report the accident to the laboratory technician.
  6. Waste products and disposals must be discharged with proper neutralization. If the material to be disposed is extremely toxic or poisonous, the material should be kept in closed container and sent to appropriate agency for proper disposal.

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