Top 1% Scholars

13 EEE teaching staff, who have been recognized as the world’s Top 1% scholars.

Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize

HKU Professor Ed X. Wu receives Guanghua Engineering Science and Technology Prize

Electrical Engineering (EE)

The core of the programme equip students with fundamental knowledge in electrical engineering, including electromagnetic theory, energy conversion, electronics, communications, signal processing, information technology, control theory, computers and software engineering.

Computer Engineering (CE)

This programme prepares students for the multidisciplinary field of computer engineering, covering areas in software design, electronic system design, as well as hardware-software integration.

Electronic Engineering (ElecE)

This programme has a balanced core and a flexible elective structure designed to equip our graduates in communications technology, electronics and microelectronics, digital signal processing and information technology.

HKU-Cambridge CEERP established PhD pathway with Cambridge University

Prof. Victor O.K Li and Dr. Jacqueline C.K. Lam celebrated the first of its kind MOU on PhD Pathway reached between HKU and Cambridge

Pioneering technologies

HKU scientists utilise innovative neuroimaging approach to unravel complex brain networks