The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (EEE) was established in late fifties as a major department in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Hong Kong. Its graduates served the society since 1961 and have been making tremendous impact to the well being and development of Hong Kong in her infancy years. Over the years, power systems, electronic, computers and information processing have evolved at dazzling speed, and have permeated to every aspects of life and the society at large.

The EEE Department has naturally progressed with time and has grown from the relatively obscured location along Pokfulam Road to the current modern high rise of the Chow Yei Ching Building (map), with numerous satellite laboratories located as well at the Haking Wong Building, Yam Pak Building and Composite Building.


Message from Head

Prof. K.K.Y. Wong


The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering was established at the University of Hong Kong in 1961. Our graduates have been serving the society in key academic, government, and industry positions in different parts of the world. Locally, they have made tremendous impact to the development of Hong Kong in its transformation from a manufacturing-based to a knowledge-based economy. The field of Electrical and Electronic Engineering encompasses many exciting technologies such as electronics, computer systems, mobile communications, power systems, medical engineering, information systems, etc. which have been among the fastest growing and most challenging technologies that enable the development of the modern information-based society.

A characteristic of our Department is that we cover electrical, electronic, and computer engineering under one roof, which provides tremendous opportunities for cross-disciplinary interaction in teaching and research. The Department has a wide range of research activities, grouped under five areas, namely (i) Biomedical Engineering, (ii) Communications and Networking Systems, (iii) Electronics and Optics, (iv) Energy Systems and Electric Vehicles, and (v) Signal Processing and Control Systems. There is also interdisciplinary research with other departments throughout the University. Our research activities are supported by government and industry research grants. Apart from basic research, our colleagues have been actively engaged in applied research and technology transfer.

Our Mission

The mission of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is to achieve excellence in teaching, research and professional services in electrical, electronic and computer technologies and allied sciences.

The Department runs three undergraduate programs, namely Computer Engineering (CE), Electronic Engineering (ElecE), and Electrical Engineering (EE). Minor and double degree programs are also available. The Department currently has over 40 teaching staff; over 400 undergraduate students, over 300 MSc students and 180 research postgraduate students pursuing MPhil or PhD degrees. We have over 50 laboratories with advanced equipment and facilities for supporting our teaching and research. The mission of the Department is to produce the highest quality graduates to serve the society, and to conduct leading-edge research. To this end, we strive for excellence in teaching, research and professional services.

The Department embraces international collaboration opportunities, and has set up many international partnerships. As an engineering department, we perform outstanding research that is relevant, and we collaborate closely with industry.

Prof. K.K.Y. Wong

Head of Department