There are over fifty laboratories in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering. They can be grouped into six groups:

Biomedical Engineering
Applied Life Photonic at HKU (Alpha HKU) CB206B
Biomedical Engineering Lab. CB206
Biomedical Imaging and Signal Processing – Data Analysis Lab. CB513
Biomedical Imaging and Signal Processing – 7T MRI Lab. LB1002-4, 37 #


Communications and Networking Systems
Audio Engineering Lab. CB724
Broadband Networking Lab. CB805
Computer Lab. CB804
Computer Architecture and System Research Lab. CB807A
Electromagnetics Lab. CB204
Industrial System Development Unit CB806A
Micro wave / RF Engineering Lab. CB803
Multimedia Networking Lab. CB615
Radio Frequency Lab. HW317


Computing Lab. CB103
EEE Service Workshop CBLG301
Equipment Storage Room CBLG303
Postdoctoral Fellow Research Lab CB202
Postgraduate Research Lab. A CB807
Postgraduate Research Lab. B CB101
Project Lab. I CBLG205
Project Lab. II CB203
Project Lab. III CB201
Staff Workstation Lab.  
Teaching Lab. I CB102
Teaching Lab. II CB104


Electronics and Optics
Device & Process Simulation Lab. CB701
Integrated Circuit / Thin Film Lab. YP 4/F
Laboratory of Nanoscale Optoelectronics (LONO) CB524
Magnetics Technology Lab.
Additive Microfabrication Lab.
Nanotechology Research Lab. CYP LG301
Optoelectronics / Electro-Optics Lab. CBLG204
Photonic Systems Research Lab. CB510
Semiconductor Lighting and Display Lab. CB712
Solid State Electronics / Photo Voltaic Lab. YP 4/F
VLSI Design Lab. CB806


Energy Systems & Electric Vehicle
Building Services Lab. YP 312
Centre for Electrical Energy Systems CBLG201
Electric Drives Lab. HW304
Electrical Energy Utilization Lab. CBLG203
Electric Vehicles Research Lab. CP-1
Electrical Services Application Lab. HW316
Emerging Power Electronics Lab. CBLG202
Initiative on Clean Energy and Environment YP 2/F
Laboratory for Power Networks with High Renewables (LPNHR) CB801/802
Modern Lighting Lab. HW318
Power Electronics Lab. HW301/302
RGC TBRS – 100 kVA Smart Grid Research Facility CB711/723
Smart Power Grid Lab. HW322
Wireless Power Lab. HW320


Signal Processing and Control Systems
Control System Research Lab. CB501
Digital Signal Processing Lab. CB722
Imaging System Lab. CB512
Industrial Automation Research Lab. CB511
Information Science Lab. CB705


[#] Lab Block, Faculty of Medicine in Sasson Road,  [%] Non-Department Laboratory

CB = Chow Yei Ching Bldg
HW = Haking Wong Bldg
YP = Yam Pak Bldg
CYP = Chong Yuet Ming Physics Bldg