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What is EEE?

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EEE Showreel 2.0

Know us more for the undergraduate programmes that we offer and let’s have a look at what our students and alumni say!


EEE runs three undergraduate programs, namely Computer Engineering (CE), Electronic Engineering (ElecE), and Electrical Engineering (EE).

Student Course Projects

We make things SMART!

Smart Farm with Micro Grid

by: Chu Tsz Keung, Lai Ming Him, Leung Wing Pong & Wan Man Wai

Smart Transportation System

by: Li King Lok, Sze Ka Wai, Wu Wai Yu & Yeung Cho Kin

Smart Delivery Trolley

by: Ho Chi Yung, Lo Ho Ching, Tam Chung Him & Tang Kit Pan

Smart Office

by: Chan Wing Hei, Lau Yin Heng Henry, Leung Cheuk Hei & Ng Man Chui

Smart Fire Evacuation

by: Mr. Gupta Sidhant

Smart Urban Farming

by: Mr. Ng Man Chui

Smart Switch

by: Chan Hon Sum Hanson, Chung Po Long, Kaneko Shoyu & Wu Yin Yu

Smart Train System

by: Mr. Chong Aaron

Outside Classrooms

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Impact the World

Our students applied their electronic and computer knowledge to develop a robot to study the coral reef in the Philippines.


Impact on students

Our undergraduate students shared their feeling after they taken EEE.

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Impact on students

Our PHd student shared his experience in EEE.

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Computer Engineering (CE)

The Computer Engineering programme prepares students for the multidisciplinary field of computer engineering, covering areas in software design, electronic system design, as well as hardware-software integration.

Electronic Engineering (ElecE)

The Electronic Engineering programme provides a fundamental engineering training applicable to a wide range of areas and applications, such as 5G communications, electronics, artificial intelligence, data engineering, internet of things, smart cities, etc.

Electrical Engineering (EE)

The Electrical Engineering programme equips students with fundamental knowledge in electrical engineering. Students may specialize in electric power systems, electric railways, electric vehicles, power electronics and building services.


We explore the WORLD!

Student Exchange Programme

EEE students can join either the University-level or Faculty-level exchange programme to study in prestigious institutions in
the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France, Norway, Japan, Singapore, and so on for one semester or one academic year.

List of Schools

Kyoto University, McGill University, Monash University, Nanyang Technological University, Peking University, Queen's University, Rutgers University, Sabanci University, The University of Auckland, The University of Melbourne, University of California, University of Edinburgh, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of Sydney, University of Waterloo, Uppsala University, Yosei University




Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The University of Hong Kong
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