Molecular Tools for Functional Brain Imaging
13 Apr, 2018 (Fri)
3:00 pm
Room 603, Chow Yei Ching Building

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Prof. Alan P. Jasanoff, PhD
Biological Engineering, Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Nuclear Science & Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA


Neuroscience is hindered by a lack of measurement tools capable of providing information about molecular and cellular scale processes in deep tissue and across wide regions of the mammalian brain. To address this problem, our laboratory has developed a series of sensors that report on components of neural activity in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). These probes give us unprecedented capability for monitoring signaling molecules like calcium ions and neurotransmitters in deep brain regions. In this talk I will describe experiments that apply our imaging agents for mapping neurochemical events and other aspects of systems-wide brain function, focusing particularly on dopamine and serotonin-related processes. I will also introduce some of our ongoing efforts to engineer new classes of imaging probe and to extend the set of targets we can address using MRI-detectable molecular probes for mechanistic investigations of large-scale brain activity.

Biography of speaker:
Prof. Jasanoff is a bioengineer and neuroscientist whose research focuses on the technology and applications of molecular neuroimaging. His work on contrast agents for next- generation functional MRI has been recognized by innovation awards from the NIH and other sources. Recent work includes the first demonstration of neural activity mapping using a molecular MRI sensor for dopamine in living animals, mapping neurotransmitter transport using monoamine MRI sensors, introduction of new vasoactive multimodal imaging probes, development and in vivo validation of MRI sensors for calcium and zinc, and molecular engineering of the first genetically-encodable MRI sensors.


Prof. E.X. Wu
(Sponsored by ”SRT Biomedical Engineering and Nanotechnology”)

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