Perovskite Material and Solar Cell Research by Surface Science and Advanced Characterization
10 Dec, 2018 (Mon)
10:30 am - 11:30 am
Room 603, Chow Yei Ching Building

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Prof. Yabing Qi
Director of Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology


Prof. Yabing Qi

Perovskite solar cell research continues to progress rapidly on various fronts. My group at OIST is making efforts to use surface science and advanced material characterization to obtain in-depth understanding about perovskite materials and solar cells [1]. In this talk, I will present our research progress [2-10].

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Biography of the speaker:

Prof. Yabing Qi is Unit Director of Energy Materials and Surface Sciences Unit at Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology. Prior to his current appointment, Prof. Qi was a postdoctoral fellow at Princeton University. He received his B.S., M.Phil., and Ph.D. from Nanjing University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and University of California Berkeley, respectively. His research interests include perovskite solar cells, surface sciences, energy materials, and organic electronics. Prof. Qi has published 100+ peer-refereed papers and is the inventor for 10 patents/patent applications. He has delivered 80+ keynote and invited research presentations at international conferences, technical meetings and universities. As the symposium chair / organizer, Prof. Qi has organized 8 international symposia on perovskite solar cells, organic electronics, and functional materials. Prof. Qi is Recipient of 2017 Young Scientist Award (Materials Research Society of Japan). He is Guest Editor of the perovskite themed issue of Sustainable Energy & Fuels (Royal Society of Chemistry).


Prof. W.C.H. Choy

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