RPG Seminar – Integrated optical and mechanical phenotyping for high throughput single-cell analysis
10 May, 2021 (Mon)
11:00 am
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Miss Evelyn Hok Yee Cheung
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
The University of Hong Kong


Label-free cellular assays have been gaining popularity over biochemical assays due to its ability to reveal cellular heterogeneity and identify rare cell populations. New technologies, in particular time-stretch imaging and quantitative phase imaging, have made large-scale single-cell phenotyping possible. This work focused on integrating different label-free biophysical and mechanical probing platform. This integrated platform empowers an in-depth analysis between biophysical properties such as mass density and mechanical properties such as stiffness, which could be expand a new territory for cell biology.


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Biography of the speaker:
Cheung Evelyn Hok Yee received her BEng (MedE) from the University of Hong Kong in 2018. She is currently perusing a MPhil in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, at the University of Hong Kong. Her research interests include optical microscopy, microfluidic bioassays and high throughput single-cell analysis.


Prof. Kevin Tsia

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