RPG Seminar –
Lexically Constrained Neural Machine Translation
30 Oct, 2020 (Fri)
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
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Password: 566338

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Mr. Guanhua CHEN
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The University of Hong Kong


Lexically constrained neural machine translation (NMT), which leverages pre-specified translation to constrain NMT, has practical significance in interactive translation and NMT domain adaption. Previous work either modify the decoding algorithm or train the model on augmented dataset. These methods suffer from either high computational overheads or low copying success rates.  In this seminar, the speaker introduces the background of lexically constrained neural machine translation and proposes ATT-INPUT and ATT-OUTPUT, two alignment-based constrained decoding methods. These two methods revise the target tokens during decoding based on word alignments derived from encoder-decoder attention weights. The speaker further presents EAM-OUTPUT by introducing an explicit alignment module (EAM) to a pretrained Transformer. It decodes similarly as EAM-OUTPUT, except using alignments derived from the EAM. Experiments on WMT16 De-En and WMT16 Ro-En show the effectiveness of the approaches on constrained NMT task.


Professor Victor O.K. Li

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