RPG Seminar – Precise Luminous Flux and Color Control of Dimmable Red-Green-Blue LED system
01 Apr, 2021 (Thu)
10:30 am
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Miss Germaine Cheuk Ping WONG
Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
The University of Hong Kong


A generic red, green, blue (RGB) LED system involves complex interactions of power, heat, light, and color, which pose a major challenge for achieving precise control over luminance and color-mixing in high-quality lighting applications. In this work, new nonlinear empirical models of a practical RGB LED system with closed-loop control are formulated. The proposed models enable precise prediction of luminous flux and color coordinates by using the three distinct reference voltages as the control variables for independent current regulation across the red, green and blue LED strings. The results are experimentally verified by using a hardware prototype of a DC-DC single-inductor three-output (SITO) LED driver with proportional-integral (PI) compensators and time-interleaving control scheme. The measured values of luminous flux and color coordinates agree closely with the predicted values from the models.


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Biography of the speaker:
Germaine Wong received her Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is currently working toward the M.Phil. degree at The University of Hong Kong. Her research interest is power electronics and LED system optimization.


Prof. S.C. TAN
Dr. Albert LEE

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