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Since 2011, we have had student visitors from MIT to our lab every summer, as well as once during the Independent Activities Period. The support of MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives (MISTI) is gratefully acknowledged.

2011 Summer

Tanya and Annie developed hand gesture recognition system of American sign language using Microsoft's Kinect sensor.

Tanya's Photo 

Tanya Liu

Annie's Photo 

Annie Tang

2012 Summer

Kristin, Anji, and Ami developed mobile apps with hand gesture recognition capability for simple training games, targeted at children with special educational needs.

Kristin's Photo 

Kristin Au

Anji's Photo 

Anji Ren

Ami's Photo 

Ami Wang

2013 Summer

Kelly, Victoria, and Phoebe developed PETAL, which stands for “Personalized Teaching and Learning”, a mobile environment that adjusts the instructional video lecture based on the visual feedback from the user.

Kelly's Photo 

Kelly Liu

Victoria's Photo 

Victoria Tam

Phoebe's Photo 

Phoebe Tse

2014 IAP

Tim investigated a patch-based denoising algorithm.

Tim's Photo 

Timothy Yang

2014 Summer

PETAL 2.0.

Katie's Photo 

Katherine Gohres

Julia's Photo 

Julia Guo

Thipok's Photo 

Thipok (Ben) Rak-Amnouykit

Lily's Photo 

Lily Zhang

2016 Summer

Cell image classification.

Kalyn's Photo 

Kalyn Bowen

Janice's Photo 

Janice Lee

2017 Summer

Project C that aims to bridge digital divide and social divide through a series of computer coding & mentoring programs, in collaboration with Youth Global Network.

Helen's Photo 

Helen Li

Lucy's Photo 

Lucy Li

Tara's Photo 

Tara Smith