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Newly posted in June 2020!!

Graduate Student Opening

We plan to recruit several graduate students to start in the next academic year (2020–21) and the subsequent year (2021–22). Both Master and PhD applicants are welcome. International students are particularly invited to apply. The university offers opportunities with attractive packages, with generous stipend for 4 years of study:

The research work will center on computational imaging, particularly image reconstruction and analytics. You can check the publications of the group for some general impression of what we do here.

To apply, you need to have a bachelor's degree in electrical and electronic engineering, or equivalent (such as mathematics). A Master degree would be a plus for PhD applicants. You should apply directly to the University through the Graduate School, but if you are interested in working in the above areas, you should put my name as the proposed supervisor and computational imaging as the proposed study area, and I will consider your applications further.