2018 International Summer Interflow Programme on Artificial Intelligence with the Tianjin University

Twenty one HKU Engineering students had joint the International Summer Interflow Program from 9 Jul to 22 Jul, 2018. The Program was jointly organized by the HKU Faculty of Engineering and the Tianjin University under the China 1000 Exchange Program supported by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of China. The theme of the Program was Artificial Intelligence. Prof. Christopher Chao, the Dean of Engineering, officiated the opening ceremony on 10 Jul 2016. This program HKU Engineering students not only an opportunity to learn know practical knowledge on robot design and construction, but also let Hong Kong and Tianjin students to interflow their culture and university life.

It is the fifth summer program jointly organized by Tianjin University and HKU. In the last few years, our students learnt the latest technology on robotic and microcontroller. In this year, a new element on Artificial Intelligence is introduced. Students learnt how to make use of an AI chipset for voice recognition and implement in a robot car. More advance technologies could be learnt in this summer program.

Front row from left: Prof. Tien Zhen, Dr. Wilton Fok, Prof. Christopher Chao, Prof. Zhang Yu

The Dean of Engineering Prof. Christopher Chao addressed in the openning ceremony

Partial quoted in Prof. Chao’s opening address: “Besides learning, I wish you can also make use of this valuable opportunity to make friends with students in Tianjin University. Nowadays there are many opportunities in mainland such as Internet plus, belt and road initiatives, industrialization 4.0, Pearl River Delta Big Bay Development…etc. These initiatives will bring in a lot of opportunities for both mainland and Hong Kong students to collaborate together and create complementary and synergetic effect. I would like to once again thanks Tianjin University for organizing such an educational, eye-opening and entertaining summer program for both HKU and Tainjin University students.”

Over 40 students from Tianjin University and HKU joint the summer camp

Opening address by the Prof. Tien Zhen, Associate Dean of the Faculty of Precision Engineering of Tianjin University

Visit the MEMS and NEMS Laboratory in the Tianjin University

Visit to the Free Trade Zone

Visit to the Entrepreneurship center in the Free trade zone.

Group photo of HKU Engineering students with the Dean Prof. Choa and the Assistant Dean Dr. Wilton Fok


Students’ reflections

HKU student Miss Wu Sue (Left in the photo): “It was a fruitful journey to Tianjin. I got to know many friends from both Tianjin University and HKU. Before participating in the program, I was very excited about making a voice control car together. Being a computer science student, I did not have much chance to play with those electronics chips, but in this program, with the cooperation of our Tianjin teammates, we were even able to achieve the second place in the contest. During the contest, each of us exchange ideas, including hardware knowledge and programming skills. I believe it was a great experience as we learn from each other in the field that we were not familiar with.”

Control the robot car by voice comment through using the AI chipset

Prize presentation

First Prize (一等奖): 黄敬恒(HKU)、苏子超 (HKU, 雷威(TJU)、张兴瑞(TJU)
Second Prize (二等奖): 吴贤哲(HKU)、吴雪(HKU), 郭程祥(TJU)、石昊(TJU),
Third Prize (三等奖): 胡淇允(HKU)、江子进(HKU),焦琪璐(TJU)、刘文洋(TJU)

The group photo after the closing ceremony


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