2019 Second Place Prize Paper Winner: IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics

The research paper from the research group of Prof. Ron Hui has been selected among the 1027 published papers and awarded the 2019 Second Place Prize Paper Award for IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics.  

“Minimum Active Switch Requirements for Single-Phase PFC Rectifiers Without Electrolytic Capacitors,” published in Power Electronics, IEEE Transactions on, vol. 34, no. 6, June 2019, pp. 5524-5536

Authors: Dr. Sinan Li, Mr. Wenlong Qi, Mr. Jiayang Wu, Prof. Siew-Chong Tan, and Prof. Ron Shu-Yuen Hui

Each year, the IEEE Power Electronics Society recognizes the papers deemed best among those published in the IEEE Transactions on Power Electronics during the preceding calendar year. The established Transactions review criteria are used as the basis for the Prize Paper selection. Specific emphasis is placed on originality; contribution to the field; extent to which the paper is supported by analysis and experimental evidence; and quality of presentation, including the effective use of illustrations. A certificate is presented to each author and an award, as noted below, is shared equally among the paper’s authors