Prestigious Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student Award

Congratulations to Mr. Ng Wai Nap (MPhil) and Dr. Tsui Kai Man (PhD) for being awarded the Prestigious Outstanding Research Postgraduate Student Award 2007-2008.

Mr. Ng Wai Nap received the M.Phil. degree in 2008, under the supervision of Dr. A. H. W. Choi. His research interests include Micro-and Nano-Light Emitting Diodes in Optoelectronics.

Dr. Tsui received respectively the M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees in 2005 and 2008, both under the supervision of Prof. S.C. Chan. His research interests include digital system design, realization and application, nonuniform sampling theory, multirate signal processing, statistical and biomedical signal processing, array signal processing, and 3D video technology. Currently, he is working as a Research Associate with Prof. S.C. Chan and Prof. Y.S. Hung for a project entitled “Image-Based 3-D Photography and Video Technology” supported by the Innovation and Technology Fund. The purpose of the project is to develop a prototype system with cutting edge technologies in 3D photography and video processing for applications such as cultural heritage preservation, computer vision, virtual reality and visualization systems.

Congratulations again for their excellent achievements.

Dr. A. H. W. Choi and Mr. Ng Wai Nap (MPhil)

Dr. Tsui Kai Man (PhD)