The 6th National Challenge Cup Silver Award

A team of Electrical Engineering final year students including Lee Lap Cho Eldon, Wong Tsz Chung Peter, Li Wing Yiu and Yu Chung Fan Raphael won the Silver Award in the 6th National Challenge Cup organized in the Sichuan University from 16-18 November 2008. The team was nominated by the Center of Development and Resources for Students as one of the two teams representing HKU to participate in this competition.

The 6th Challenge Cup is a national competition on starting an enterprise among university students in China. It is organized by Central Committee of the China Communist Youth League (共青團中央), China Association of Sciences (中國科協), Ministry of Education (教育部) and National Academic Association (全國學聯), and co-organised by Sichuan University (四川大學) and Chengdu Municipal Government. The Challenge Cup aims to encourage students to develop a technology, a product or service with market outlook and strategic thinking of the risks involved. There were over 600 teams from 356 universities and colleges in 31 provinces in China participated in the competition. In the final round, 168 teams were selected and their proposals ranged from seven categories including agricultural, biomedical, chemical technology, environmental science, electronic information, material science, mechanical energy and consulting services. The assessment was highly demanding. The teams were assessed by their written proposals and oral defenses to the judging panel and to the public in Putunghua.

One of the EE team members Eldon Lee said, “This game has provided us a stage to show our ability in different aspects. We also got a chance to exchange ideas with students all over the country. We have no regrets for joining the game.” Eldon and Peter from this team also won the Silver Award in the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award in April 2008, which was presented in English. Their project advisor Dr. W. Fok was very pleased with the result, “The achievements of our EEE students showed that the capabilities of our engineering students are very versatile. They can apply their technical knowledge to develop a business which addresses the hottest environmental issues and contributes to the sustainable development of the world. Their achievements in the two competitions also demonstrated that their bilingual proficiency is excellent.”

(From left) Dr. Wilton Fok, Peter Wong, Li Wing Yiu, Eldon Lee, Raphael Yu and Prof. Y.S. Hung shared the joy together in front of their department office.

The Challenge Cup was held in the Sichuan University

The team won the Silver Award: including a crystal trophy, award certificates and flowers

The Award Certificate jointly signed by the Central Committee of China Communist Youth League (共青團中央), China Association of Sciences (中國科協), Ministry of Education (教育部) and National Academic Association (全國學聯)