Champion of Student Paper Competition

Dr. L Jiang’s RPG student, Rong WANG, won the Champion of the Student Paper Competition (AP Session) at 2018 IEEE AP/MTT Postgraduate Conference held at Chinese University of Hong Kong Saturday, 3 November, 2018.

The awarded paper is called “Band-rejected Wideband Antenna Based on Peelable Resonator Membrane”. It is co-authored by Rong Wang, Min Li, Salabuddin Raju (HKUST), Robert C. Roberts, Mansun Chan (HKUST), and Lijun Jiang.

IEEE HK AP/MTT Postgraduate Conference is a dedicated local non-peer-review and non-publication conference for postgraduate students in the fields of Microwave and Antennas. The conference is jointly organized by IEEE HK AP/MTT Joint Chapter and the Radiofrequency Radiation Research Laboratory, Chinese University of Hong Kong.

This is the 9th award Dr Jiang’s team received since May 2018.