CRHK Interview – Sichuan

For the memorial of the 2nd anniversary of the 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake, a series of interviews with the members of the HKU Sichuan reconstruction team members were broadcast in a program “Starting from the Heart” 《在晴朗的一天出發》特備《由心出發》 in the Commercial Radio Hong Kong from 3 May to 11 May 2010. The sound tracks of these interviews can be downloaded as follow:

Date Interview Download
3 May 2010 Dr. Wilton Fok (EEE Teacher)
5 May 2010 Dr. Philip Pong (EEE Teacher)
6 May 2010 Ms. Sharon Mui (Electrical Engg Yr3) & Mr. Thomas Yau (Information Engg Yr3)
7 May 2010 Ms. Ailson Hui & Ms. Zoe Yiu (Journalism Yr2)
10 May 2010 Ms. Wu Mao Mao (Education M.Sc.)
11 May 2010 Ms. Kwok Po Yee (Social Work Yr2)

During the interview:

Ms. Sharon Yau (EE3), Mr. Thomas Yau (InfoE3), Dr. Wilton Fok and the anchor Mr. Vincent Wong in front of the recording studio.

Ms. Alison Hui and Ms. Zoe Yiu (Journalism Yr2) interviewed by Mr. Vincent Wong

Wu Mao Mao (M.Sc in Education) was being interviewed

Representatives of the HKU Sichuan reconstruction team presented the book “Reconstruction Sichuan by HK Professions” to the anchor Mr. Vincent Wong. The book can be downloaded from

With the Manager, George, of I.T. Department