Visit the Daya-Bay Nuclear Power Plant

A visit to the Daya-Bay Nuclear Power Plant was organized on April 3, 2004. A group of twenty, including Dr. Y. Ni as well as students of the Electrical Engineering Programme, participated in the event. The group assembled at 7:30 am in the morning outside the Peninsula Hotel and took a 3-hour ride to the Daya-Bay area. Apart from some delays when crossing the border, the visit went smoothly. At Daya Bay, the group watched a movie introducing the power plant, visited the show room where the guide used models to explain the working principle of the power plants, and took a bus to tour around the power station. Lunch was served at the Daya-Bay expert village where both food and services were excellent. To quote from the report of the students: “the visit was a valuable experience and it would help us a lot on our studies.”