Dr. Christopher H. T. Lee received the Li Ka Shing Prize (The Best Ph.D. Thesis Award)

Dr. Christopher H. T. Lee

Dr. Christopher H. T. Lee, our alumni, has recently received the Li Ka Shing Prize, or also known as the Best Ph.D. Thesis Award, to recognize his academic excellence in research.

Under the supervision from Prof. K. T. Chau and Prof. C. C. Chan, Dr. Lee has conducted researches on the proposal and development of innovative machines for emerging industrial applications, such as wind power generation and electric vehicle propulsion. He proposes novel electronic gearing using high-performance, magnetless doubly salient brushless machines that offer higher controllability and wider operating ranges. Apart from proposing ideas to cope with existing problems, Dr. Lee’s work has also opened up new research directions for the next generation of scientists.

Dr. Lee has been widely recognized academically: he is the author and co-author of one book, three book chapters, 35 referred journal papers, and 20 conference papers. Over the years, he has been invited to give technical talks to both professional and academic institutions, including the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers (HKlE), and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Among other achievements, he has successfully developed some of his conceptual ideas for the practical world, filing two applications for patents.

Dr. Lee has received many academic awards, including the prestigious Croucher Fellowship to support his postdoctoral research in MIT, where he is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow. He is now engaged in projects with several Forbes 500 companies, to develop electric ship, electric vehicle, and robot.

More information can be found in https://www.gradsch.hku.hk/gradsch/current-students/awards-prizes/li-ka-shing-prizes
More photos can be found in https://photos.app.goo.gl/YtSv0Ngi7PUf3WY83