EEE students received two awards in PIERS 2018

Dr. L. Jiang’s student Menglin Chen received the PIERS 2018 Best Student Paper Award 3rd Prize at Toyama, Japan last week.  The awarded paper is “Orbital Angular Momentum Generation Using Composite Quasi-continuous Metasurfaces with a Perfect Efficiency,” coauthored by Menglin Chen and Lijun Jiang.

Besides Menglin Chen, Dr. L. Jiang former RPG student, current Research Assistant Professor (RAP), Dr. Ping Li just received the Young Scientist Award at PIERS 2018.  His paper is “Numerical Modeling of Graphene Nano-ribbon by DGTD Taking into Account the Spatial Dispersion Effects,” coauthored by Ping Li, Lijun Jiang, and Hakan Bagci.  This is the 3rd international Young Scientist Award that Dr. Li has received in 2018.

PIERS has been a world-renowned conference in the area of electromagnetics and photonics.   According to the statistics by July 26, 2018, the total numbers of paper submissions were over 2000, respectively, and the total number of registrants was 1,375 from 49 countries. A total of 1,635 submission were accepted for presentations, and have been arranged into the 177 sessions of the technical program, including 46 focus sessions and 76 special sessions.