EEE students won the 2nd prizes in the 5th Hong Kong University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Group photo of HKU awardees

Two EEE students won the 2nd prize (二等獎) in the 5th Hong Kong University Students Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (第五屆香港大學生創新及創業大賽).

Our EEE PhD student, Mr. Ray Z.X. LI, who is co-supervised by Dr. Vincent Tam and Prof. Lawrence Yeung got the award with the project “基於人工智慧及區塊鏈技術的投資管理系統”. Also, Ray will be representing HK, with the support from CEDARS @ HKU, to participate in the Challenge Cup National Competition in Beijing in this autumn.

Another award winner is our BEng(EE) final year student – Sharif Mohammed Nawaj. His project, named “Design and Implementation of a practical, compact and low-cost wireless power transfer system 高實用性、小巧及低成本的無線功率傳輸系統”, is linked with his final year project that supervised by Prof. S C Tan as well (ELEC4848 Senior Design Project). Nawaj represented the HKU Power Electronics Lab and exhibited their patented innovation about SIMO (Single-Inductor Multiple-Output) inverter technology which enables simultaneous wireless power transfer to multiple electronic devices from a single input power source.

The 5th Hong Kong University Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition is organized by HKNGCA Innovation & Entrepreneurship Centre and HKU is one of the co-organizers. Top winners will represent HKSAR and HKU in “Challenge Cup” National College Students’ Extracurricular Academic Science and Technology Contest (Beijing) 「挑戰盃」全國大學生課外學術科技作品競賽; China College Students’ “Internet+” Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition (Hangzhou) 中國互聯網+大學生創新創業大賽.


Mr. Ray Z.X. LI

Mr. Sharif Mohammed Nawaj

Mr. Sharif Mohammed Nawaj

(Left to right) Dr. Vincent Tam, Mr. Ray Z.X. Li and (Dept. Associate Head) Prof. S.C. Tan

(Left to right) (Dept. Associate Head) Prof. S.C. Tan, Mr. Sharif Mohammed Nawaj and (Dept. Head) Prof. K.T. Chau

Detailed results of HKU team: