EEE internship team in Kunshan

From July to August 2009, five EEE students: : Ma Chun Pong (EComE3),Leung Chung Him (EComE3), Ko Ka Ming(EE3), Ng Cheuk Lam (EComE3) and Tang Ming Hon (EComE3) took part in the Kunshan Internship Programme organized by the Government of Kunshan, JiangXu Province. Besides the day-time internship in the Sanmina-SCI (Kunshan) Ltd., the internship team also participated in many cultural and social activities organized by the Kunshan government and universities.

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EEE intern students visited the Kunshan Science and Technology Museum

Left: HKU Team leader, Victor Ma Chun Pong (EComE3),was interviewed by Kunshan Broadcast Corporate
Right: Ko Ka Ming (EE3) held the HKU flag of the HKU Kunshan Internship Team

Visit: Zhouzhuang water town

A video produced by Victor Ma is available in YouTube:

Left: HKU internship team with the Secretary of the Tsinghua University – Mr. Zhang (清華大學張書記)
Right: HKU internship team with the Kunshan government officials (昆山市領導, 昆山人事局唐主任)

HKU internship team performed in the interflow activity with students from other universities

Left: photo with Nanjing Normal University (南京師範大學) Right: Photo with Peking University (北京大學)

Left: Photo with East China University of Science and Technology (華東理工大學)
Right: Photo with Nanjing University (南京大學)

Singing by Tang Ming Hon (EComE3) with electric piano accompaniment by Victor Ma Chun Pong (EComE3)