Donation of Solar Modules for Sichuan reconstruction

The EEE Sichuan Reconstruction Team received a donation of 18 solar energy panels from Jiawei Solarchina. Professor Ding Kongxian, chairman of Jiawei Solarchina Co., Ltd., Executive Director Ms Nancy Chau and head of PV system department Dr.Sam Lam on behalf of Jiawei; Professor Hung Y.S, Dr. Wilton Fok, Dr. Alfred C.H.Yu on behalf of the University of Hong Kong attended the brief ceremony held in the University of Hong Kong on 26 May, 2009.

Dr. Wilton Fok and Dr. Alfred C.H.Yu will lead a Sichuan Reconstruction Team consists of 44 students and 6 other teachers to design and install solar energy system, multimedia classrooms and a computer laboratory for a reconstructed school in Sichuan Deyang in August 2009. Details of the project can be referred to

From Left: Dr. Sam Lam, Ms Nancy Chau, Prof. Ding Kongxian, Prof. Y.S Hung, Dr. Wilton Fok, Dr. Alfred C.H.Yu

The solar energy team members: Ms Sharon Mui, EE3 (left) and Leung Fu Heng, EE1 (right) prepare the installation of the solar energy panel in the workshop

Besides electric design, the team also designs and builds the supporting frame and the mechanical parts of the system