Contribution in HKU U-Vision’s development

Dr. Wilton Fok and his FYP student Ms. To Wing Yin Joe (EComE3) contributed in the development of the U-Vision for the University. Dr. Fok had been appointed as the Chairman of the System Management Committee of U-Vision and he supervised Joe To to develop a networked multimedia broadcasting system which can broadcast videos, animation, images, and scrolling text in the U-Vision display outlets. This system will be deployed during the U-Vision soft launch in mid 2009.

U-Vision is a network of digital bulletin boards for HKU. Using wall-mounted TV monitors throughout the University, it will display faculty, department, organization, and event announcements, as well as live broadcasts. This system aims to disseminate and share information among HKU members and campus visitors in an effective way. It helps to promote events on the HKU campus and enhance communications on campus and help build team spirit. Details of the U-Vision can be referred to:

Ms. To Wing Yin Joe (E-ComE3) and her Final-Year-Project supervisor Dr. Wilton Fok in front of the U-Vision soft launch outlet in Chow Yei Ching Building G/F

Ms. Katherine Ma, Director of Communication (left) and Dr. Wilton Fok, Chairman of U-Vision System Management Committee (right), presented the project in a consultation meeting with staff and students.