Exciting Opportunities Thru’ Our New Electronic Engineering Summer Research Internship Program…

Electronic Engineering Summer Research Internship Program

The Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering is pleased to announce a new “Electronic Engineering summer research internship program” for students who will be admitted to our ElecE program this year.

The aim of the program is to nourish high quality graduates with more advanced skills in one of the four major specializations of the Electronic Engineering (ElecE) Program, namely communication and information engineering, microelectronics and photonics, electronic commerce and FinTech, and data engineering and artificial intelligence, to meet the growing demand of public utilities and international organizations. In fact, several government organizations have recently approached us for quality electronic engineering graduates to join their technical division. We are also sought after by several worldwide mobile phone manufacturers and subsystem suppliers for possible collaborations in research and development.

A total of 10 internships will be provided to the new cohort of ElecE students to allow them to work with potential faculties in the department during the summer for 4 to 6 weeks on timely topics for a total of three years. A monthly compensation of HK$4000 dollars will be provided. Any interested B.Eng. Year-1 student is most welcome to apply for the internship by sending your brief CV to Ms. Queenie Chan (email: queenie@eee.hku.hk) for further consideration of the department. For any enquiries, you can contact Dr. Wilton Fok at (wtfok@eee.hku.hk).

Submission Deadline : July 25 (Wednesday), 2018