Activities for Freshmen

Technology Talks

Ever wonder how a PLAYSTATION 3 renders all those realistic graphics in real-time? Have you wondered what enables Blu-ray Discs to deliver ultra high-definition videos to your TV? How about the iPhone, fuel cells, home robots, RFIDs, and all those high-tech gadgets around you? Have you wondered how they work?

In this “How Things Work” seminar series, we will walk you through the latest and coolest electronics gadgets you encounter everyday. Through live demos and interactions, you will get to learn how ingenious electrical and electronic engineers have worked together to create them.

Dates: 3/9(Wed), 12/9(Fri), 17/9(Wed), 26/9(Fri), 3/10(Fri), 10/10(Fri), 22/10(Wed)

Time and Venue: 12:00 – 13:00 Rm 603, CYC Building

Enquiry: Dr. Hayden So (Tel: 2859 2702 Email:


2008 SAMSUNG Joint Universities Technology Talents Awards Briefing

Samsung, one of the largest Electronic companies in Korea, is organizing the Joint Universities Creative Technology Talents Awards. EEE and all Engineering students are encouraged to form teams and write proposal to introduce a new invention that apply old concepts and ideas. Electronics engineering and its applications had been developed for over a century but they are still the major driving force for modern technology development and enhancement. This award will be a good opportunity for you to test your imagination and creativity, and to train your proposal writing skill.

Date: 11/9(Thu)

Time and Venue: 12:00 – 12:45 Theatre A, CYC Building

Enquiry: Dr. Y.C. Wu (Tel: 2859 7090 Email:


Meltwater Scholarship & Internship Briefing


Meltwater is an international IT company developing and selling software solutions to businesses and organizations worldwide. Meltwater group has 35 offices globally and more than 10,000 of the world’s most successful companies and organizations on its client list. Meltwater encourages entrepreneurial drive. The Meltwater Scholarship is being awarded to encourage people to show drive and passion in presenting their ideas. The Meltwater Scholarship is an opportunity for students to put their business ideas to the test. The Director of University Relations Mr. Andrew Abraham will meet our students on 16/9/2008 in CYC603 to brief us the details of the scholarship and their internship program.

Detailed Info.:

Date: 16/9(Tue)

Time and Venue: 16:00 – 18:00 Theatre A, CYC Building

Guest Speaker: Mr. Andrew C Abraham, Director, University Relations (Asia Pacific)

Meltwater News

Co-organizer: Center for Resource and Development Center.HKU

Enquiry: Dr. Wilton Fok (Tel: 2857 8490


EEE Commencement Lunch

Date: 17/9(Wed)

Time and Venue: 13:00 – 14:30 CYC Building G/F

Fee: Free of charge

Enquiry: Sharon Mui (Tel: 9657 8761)


Workshop: Building Our Robots

We are going to build a few large robots as our ambassadors for the coming open day on 18th October. We need your help to build them. A series of workshops will be arranged in September and October. You will learn how to build the electronic circuit, power system, computer control and mechanics of a real robot in the workshops.

Project Briefing and Lecture: 18/9(Thu)

Time and Venue: 16:00 – 18:00 Theatre C, CYC Building

Workshop: 24/9(Wed), 2/10(Thu), 9/10(Thu), 13/10(Mon)

Open Day Rehearsal: 15/10(Wed)

Enquiry: Dr. Wilton Fok (Tel: 2857 8490

HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award Briefing

A team of Electrical and Electronic Engineering students won the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award in 2008. The External Affairs Manager of the HSBC Group Ms. Imelda Wong will conduct a special briefing session for all students from the Faculty of Engineering on 23/9/2008. Don’t miss it!

Briefing Session: 23/9(Tue)

Time and Venue: 13:00 – 14:00 Theatre A, CYC Building

Guest Speaker: Ms. Imelda Wong, External Affairs Manager, Group Public Affairs, HSBC

“We won the Silver Award last year. Let’s aim for the Gold Award this year!”

HSBC Business Plan Writing Workshop

A series of workshops will be arranged for HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award participants to learn the techniques for writing a winning business plan.

Date: 25/9(Thu), 6/10(Mon), 21/10(Tue)

Time and Venue: 17:00 – 18:00 Rm603, CYC Building

Enquiry: Dr. Wilton Fok (Tel: 2857 8490


Visit CLP and MTR Control Center

The Electrical and Electronic Engineering Association will organize two technical visits to the CLP Power Control Center and the MTR Control Center on 17 Oct 2008. Visitors will see the electronics control system and automation system for controlling power generation and distribution as well as MTR train operation in Hong Kong.

Date: 17/10(Fri)

Assembly Time and Venue: To Be Confirmed

Fee: Free of Charge

Enquiry: Sharon Tai(Tel: 9377 2981)




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