HKU Engineering Delegation revisited Sichuan for the Earthquake 10-years-on

HKU teachers and students have been serving in Sichuan reconstruction project in almost every summer after the Sichuan earthquake on 12 May 2008. During the 10-years-on period, our HKU delegates, including the Vice President of Research Prof. Andy Hor, the Designated Dean of Engineering Prof. Christopher Chao, the Assistant Dean (External Relations and Knowledge Exchange) Dr. Wilton Fok and teachers from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering Dr. Jacqueline Lam (Associate Professor), Dr. Sam Lam and the Department of Civil Engineering Prof. Quentin Yue, revisited two reconstructed schools served by our students in the last decade and shared the reconstruction projects with the HKSAR Chief Executive and the delegates in Sichuan University.

The delegation first visited the Yingsau Secondary School located in the epicentre of the earthquake. It was a new school constructed after the earthquake. HKU students and teachers have helped the school introduce Campus TV, deploy e-learning technologies and provided professional trainings to teachers. Dr. Wilton Fok gave a talk on “Future Education and Skills Set for the Next Generation”. Many books on ICT education developed through the HKSAR Education Bureau e-Textbook Market Development Scheme project were presented to the computer and mathematics teachers for knowledge exchange.

We first attended the memorial event

Group photo at the Yingsau school

Presentation of souvenir by Prof. Andy Hor

Teacher training by Dr. Wilton Fok – Sharing on the future skills for students training

Visit the first schools rebuilt by HKSAR

Another school in Deyang called Yuanjia Primary and Secondary school was isited on the second day. It was the first school reconstructed by the HKSAR and the HKSAR Chief Secretary Hon Henry Tong officiated the opening of the school in September 2009. HKU students and teachers had spent a week in Deyang and built e-learning classroom, computer lab, solar system, Wifi campus and so on in the school. An on-line class between the Yuanjia school and the HKUGA Primary School was conducted through the e-learning and networking system constructed by HKU students in the last decade. After the lunch with the Secretary of the Ministry of Education of Deyang district, the delegates joined the sharing conference hosted by the Development Bureau of the HKSAR in Sichuan University in the mid- afternoon.

Group photos

The school had built strong linkage with HKU and HK

On-line class with HKU Primary School – through the network constructed by HKU students

Present a computer e-textbook – a deliverable of a KE project

Sharing session organised by the HKSAR government

The theme of the Earthquake reconstruction sharing session is “Past, present and future”. Mrs. Carrie Lam, the Chief Executive of HKSAR officiated at the event. Dr. Wilton Fok, the PI of the HKU reconstruction project presented the works contributed by HKU teachers and students. Many audiences were impressed by the hard workand enthusiasm of the HKU students as shown in the video. Dr. Fok also brought some hand-made souvenirs with the HKSAR logo drawn by the students in Deyang and presented to the Secretary of Development Mr. Michael Wong, the Chairman of the 512 Young Engineers Alliance Mr. Johnny Chan, and the former Legislative Councillor Dr. Raymond Ho. The meeting was concluded with Eric AuYueng Sharing his personal memorable experience of serving the children and youths with the setting up of i-Class in two schools in Sichuan.

In the reconstruction work sharing session organised by the Development Bureau, officiated by the Chief Executive Mrs. Carrie Lam

Dr. Wilton Fok shared the reconstruction works contributed by HKU students and teachers

Group photo with the Secretary of Development, HKSAR


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