Indian media interview with Dr. Nelson Yung

Dr. Nelson. H. C. Yung from Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering accepted an interview on February 1st, 2012 from an Indian media, to talk about the latest red light camera system deployed in Hong Kong.

In Hong Kong, many road junctions are huge and complex and the misuse of which will lead to serious incidents and fatality. Since 2004, the Hong Kong government has been deploying digital red light camera systems to help with the monitoring of red light runners. In 2008, Serco of Hong Kong was awarded the Red Light Camera System Phase III contract by the HKSAR government and Dr. Yung was appointed Independent Expert by the government to advice on the development. The new system uses cutting edge imaging and video technologies to take high resolution still photos as well as video of a red light running incident, and the system can transfer the video and still photos together with all the other evidential data directly into DVD in real time.

‘The video camera could take clips three seconds before the incident happened and 3 seconds afterwards so as to provide an undisputable proof of the incident.’ said Dr. Yung. ‘Offenders have the right to view the evidence. This often clears any doubt they may have regarding the offence.’

The project also involved different government departments including Transport Department and Hong Kong Police Force apart from the Electrical & and Mechanical Services Department. The video interview will later be presented to the Indian government as an example of transportation management and law enforcement in Hong Kong.

Dr. Nelson Yung was talking to the interviewer from Indian media

An Indian media came to interview Dr. Yung about Red Light Camera System Phase III

Dr. Nelson Yung shared his recent research on digital red light camera systems to help with the monitoring of red light runners in Hong Kong