1st International Workshop on Engineering Biomedical Imaging

Prof. E.X. Wu chaired the 1st International Workshop on Engineering Biomedical Imaging – Addressing Tomorrow’s Medical Challenges (IWEBI) on 12 December 2009 in Hong Kong. The workshop aims to promote the scientific exchanges between imaging scientists and clinicians, to brainstorm the emerging in vivo medical imaging technologies, and to boost HKU’s visibility in the international biomedical imaging research community.

The workshop faculty consisted of eleven distinguished magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scientists and clinicians from US, Korea and China/HK region with lectures on both cutting-edge MRI technologies and their applications in clinical and basic medical sciences. The workshop was attended by approximately 120 participants, mostly MRI physicists, research engineers and physicians from the Greater China region.

The workshop was co-organized by HKU Faculty of Engineering, LKS Faculty of Medicine, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Department of Diagnostic Radiology, and Medical Engineering Programme with sponsorships from Siemens, GE, Philips and Bruker. Dean of Medicine, Prof. Sum-Ping Lee, and Acting Dean of Engineering, Prof. Victor Li, made the opening and closing remarks respectively. The workshop was endorsed by International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, Chinese Society of Radiology, Hong Kong College of Radiologists and IEEE EMBS HK Chapter.

More details could be viewed from: http://www.hku.hk/bisplab/iwbi.htm


Workshop faculty (from top left to bottom right):
Prof. Debiao Li (Northwestern University, US; Deputy Editor, Magnetic Resonance in Medicine), Prof. Roderic Pettigrew (Director, US NIH National Institute of Biomedical Imaging and Bioengineering),
Prof. Zang-Hee Cho (Director, Gachon Neuroscience Research Institute, Korea),
Prof. Ed X. Wu (HKU EEE),
Prof. Kuncheng Li (Deputy Chairman, Chinese Society of Radiology, China),
Prof. Qiyong Gong (Director, Huxi MR Center, China),
Prof. KF So (Head of Anatomy, HKU),
Prof. GS Tsao (HKU),
Prof. SK Chung (HKU),
Prof. King Li (Head of Radiology of Methodist Hospital of Cornell University),
Prof. Joseph Helpern (New York University, North America Editor of NMR in Biomedicine),
Prof. Pek-lan Khong (Head of Diagnostic Radiology, HKU),
Prof. Shengong Ju (Southeast University, China).