Engineering and Healthcare

To encourage secondary school students to develop interest in technological innovations, a two-day workshop entitled “Engineering and Healthcare: From High-Tech Metropolitans to the Developing World” was organized in December 2010. The workshop was held over two consecutive Saturdays at HKU, and over 25 gifted students registered to join this occasion. It served as a knowledge exchange platform between HKU and gifted students in Hong Kong.

Organized by the Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education, the workshop was delivered by Dr. Alfred Yu and four research staff members from the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (Simon Lai, Ivan Tsang, Billy Yiu, Donald Chan). It covered a broad range of topics with emphasis on introducing the role of biomedical engineering in today’s world. Participants were given hands-on opportunities to try how ultrasound imaging and electrocardiogram monitors are being used in high-tech clinics to perform medical diagnoses. They also worked in groups to design a solar sterilization device that is intended to address basic healthcare needs in the developing world.

Through this workshop, participants were able to find out more about how various real-world biomedical engineering technologies are making an impact in the global society.

Start of Workshop

ECG Measurement Experiment Session

Group Photo after Solar Sterilizer Practicum Session