Engineering Science Workshop

A half-day interactive workshop was organized to introduce rural P. 5 students to engineering science principles that have broad applications in the real world. 40 rural students living in Sha Tau Kok came to HKU on February 25, 2011 for this event. The workshop was intended to give an early inquiry-based exposure on engineering to primary-school students in Hong Kong.

The workshop was delivered by members of the Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (Simon Lai, Harry Chiu, Billy Yiu, Donald Chan, Ivan Tsang, Alfred Yu). Students were introduced to the engineering science behind MRI, and they were given first-hand opportunity to make scans on the 0.2T MRI scanner developed in-house at HKU. They also worked in groups to learn about the scientific principles of dry ice and how they can be applied to make fire extinguishers and generate rocket thrusts.

MRI Experiment

Fire Extinguisher Experiment

Dry Ice Rocket Experiment

Group Photo