Top 4 in ICT Award

An EEE project titled “Mobile Learning Platform” was shortlisted as the top 4 finalists of the ICT Award 2008 – Best Lifestyle Award. The project was initiated and managed by a team of EEE teachers including Dr. S.W. Cheung, Dr. W. Fok, Dr. K.S. Lui and Dr. V.Tam. On 1 and 2 November 2008, the project was exhibited in the MK 1 Super Digital Mall in Yaumatei. A team of EEE students had contributed in the exhibition. They include: Chung Man Hon, Ho Chun Hung, Kwok Lo Yan, Lee Ho Chun, Mui See Long, Tai Hiu Tung, Tsang Wa Fung, Wong Yiu Lun and Yau Kai Ming. The final result will be announced on 9 Feb 2009 during the ICT Award presentation ceremony which will be hosted by the Financial Secretary Hon John Tsang.

Dr. Vincent Tam (Left) and Dr. Wilton Fok (Right) presented the certificates to the students (from the 2nd left): Tsang Wa Fung, Kwok Lo Yan, Tai Hiu Tung, Yau Kai Ming, Mui See Long and Wong Yiu Lun.

From Left: Dr. K.S. Lui, From right: Dr. Vincent Tam and Dr. Wilton Fok, received the achievement trophy from Dr. Winnie Tang, the President of Internet Professional Association

Dr. Vincent Tam and Ms Sharon Mui (the Vice Chairperson of EEE Association) demonstrated the m-learning platform to Legislative Councilor Hon Dr. Samson Tam

Dr. Wilton Fok (left) and Dr. K.S. Lui (right) and the students in front of the HKU EEE booth

From left: Dr. Vincent Tam, Prof. Y.S. Hung, and from right: Dr. Wilton Fok, with the guests Ir Dr. Samson Tam (the Legislative Councilor) and Dr. Winnie Tang (the President of iProA)