Outstanding Paper Awards 2020 in “Frontiers of Physics”
Dr. L. Jiang’s research team has just received the annual Outstanding Paper Awards 2020 in “Graphene-based functional devices: A short review” published on Frontiers of Physics.  It was a paper they published in 2019 and is selected as the awarded paper in 2020.  
The first author Dr. Rong Wang was Dr. L. Jiang Ph.D. student who graduated in 2019. The second author Dr. Xin-gang Ren was Professor Wallace Choy’s Ph.D. student.  Co-author Dr. Wei Sha was the PDF/RAP of their research group at HKU EEE.  Dr. L. Jiang is being one of the contact authors.  
Frontiers of Physics, an international refereed journal, aims to summarize the latest and significant progress and highlight frontier achievements, hot topics, and cross points in a variety of research fields in physics.  It provides a comprehensive overview of certain active research areas and the Topical Review offers a snapshot of recent progress in a particular and rapidly developing research field.