Fun With Bioelectronics – The Passion Meter


Want to know how ‘passionate’ you or your friends are? Join us in this hands-on workshop when Professor Paul Cheung will teach you how to make a “Passion Meter”, a device which helps you to measure your degree of “passion”. It is a 3-hours workshop, starting with a short lecture on the principle of operation, followed by a hands-on session in the laboratory to actually build the device yourself. You will be able to keep the “Passion Meter” that you build and bring home to keep.

Date: October 18 (Sat)

Time and Venue: 2:30-5:30pm, Rm 603 & Electronic Lab, Chow Yei Ching Building, Department of EEE, The University of Hong Kong

Eligibility: Secondary students (preferably in the Science stream) Form 3 or above are welcome to apply. Preference will be given to the more senior students. Application is required and places are limited (max 30 persons)



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*** Seats are available for first come first serve basis.