Profession Ron SY Hui’s research project has been selected in the 10th round RGC Theme-Based Research Scheme

The Research Grants Council (RGC) Theme-based Research Scheme (TRS) 2020/21 Funding Results was out. HKU got excellent results on a number of competitive peer-reviewed research funding schemes. From which, Profession Ron SY Hui’s research project on “Wireless Power Transfer: The Next Stage” has been selected as one of the funded projects under Theme 2: Developing a Sustainable Environment and awarded a funding of HK$25 Million.

This TRS program will develop (i) Wireless Charging Technologies with higher efficiency for Electric Vehicles (EVs), portable electronics and emerging applications, and (ii) Wireless Charging Infrastructure with technologies to stabilize the power grid fed with intermittent renewable energy. This project will accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles to replace combustion ones and the adoption of renewable energy sources to replace fossil fuels, leading to a complementary solution to reduce greenhouse emission and combat climate change.