Presentation on Power Management with Smart Grids in the Symposium on Disaster Management

Prof. Felix F.Wu presented a topic “Power Management with Smart Grids” in the Symposium on Disaster Management on 9 May 2009. The Symposium was organized by the University of Hong Kong. In memory of the 512 (May 12) Sichuan earthquake after one year, this event is organized to share experiences in the management of catastrophic disasters like earthquake, landslide and atmospheric disasters. It is co- organized with the Faculty of Engineering with the support of The Hong Kong Institute of Architects, The Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, The Hong Kong Institute of Planners and The Hong Kong Institute of Surveyors, with Distinguished Speakers from Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chinese Academy of Engineering and Overseas.

Prof. Wu is also the Conveyor of the Initiative of Clean Energy and Environment (ICEE). The Initiative is one of the supporting organizations of a Sichuan reconstruction project funded by the Sichuan Earthquake Roundtable Fund. A team of EEE teachers and students will travel to Sichuan Deyang in August 2009 to install solar energy panels for driving multimedia classrooms in a reconstructed school. ICEE will provide technical support and advices to the reconstruction team. They have vision to use renewable energy to renew Sichuan.

Prof. Felix F.Wu presented the importance of Power Smart Grids in attacking the increasing Carbon Dioxide concentration in the world that causes global warming

The Solar-power Multimedia Classroom project was exhibited in the Symposium on Disaster Management. From left: Dr. Wilton Fok, Prof. Felix Wu and Dr. Philip Pong