Research Output Prize 2013

Dr. Wallace C.H. Choy received the 2013 Reseach Output Prize from HKU for his work "Dual Plasmonic Nanostructures for High Performance Inverted Organic Solar Cells", Adv. Mater. vol. 24, pp.3046-3052, 2012.

By using the newly proposed scheme of dual plasmonic metal nano structures, Dr. Choy’s team improves the efficiency of organic solar cells to about 9%. The work has been cited over 197 times since May 2012 by scientists such as Alan Heeger at UC Santa Barbara (Nobel Laureate in Chemistry 2000 who invented conductive polymers).

Since then, different methods of double light-trapping structures have been reported in which the work of Choy’s team has been cited.

Dr. Wallace Choy
Associate Professor