Four Entrance Scholarships

Congratulations to Mr. Wong Hin Lun (CE1) and Mr. Wong Yiu Fai (CE1) for being awarded the Entrance Scholarship in Electrical and Electronic Engineering for their excellent results in HKAL Examinations.

Congratulations to Mr. Chen Hung Kwan (EComE1) for being awarded the EE 72 Allan Wong Scholarship.

EE 72 Chan Kam Yin Scholarship goes to Mr. Ching Kei Ching (EE1) while Mr. Cheung Chi Hin (CE1) has been awarded the EE 72 Philip Ng Scholarship.

Congratulations to all of them for their wonderful accomplishment.

Form Left to right: Mr. Chen Hung Kwan (EComE1), Mr. Ching Kei Ching (EE1), Mr. Wong Hin Lun (CE1) and the Department Head Dr. Y.S. Hung