Reconstructed school in Sichuan


Engineering students served in a reconstructed school in Sichuan

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On July 21st, 2011, a group of teachers and international students from Faculty of Engineering, the University of Hong Kong continued a project started back in 2009, going to Deyang, Sichuan Province to help with the reconstruction of Yuanjia Keyu School reconstructed after 5.12 earthquake.

The students and teachers were divided into two teams, the teaching team and the installation team, so as to better facilitate the progress in those two areas. The teaching team got mainly involved in teaching English and Mathematics while the Installation team focused on the installation of wifi system to the school.

Learn to serve, learn to teach

The teaching team dedicated their efforts to teaching the students of Yuanjia Keyu School English and Mathematics, employing a variety of creative methods such as ice-breaking games, group activities, and so on. The team often used games in order to instruct and better communicate with the students. And the students got a rare chance to learn English from so many native speakers. Incentives such as small prizes were handed out, further enhancing the learning experience for the students. The team immensely enjoyed its interaction with the students, and the students were able to learn much from the team. Many students from the teaching team said it was a great opportunity for them to see and experience the school life of remote areas in Southwest China, as well as communicate with all the local students and get to help them with their specialized knowledge.

Hayley Lau, a year 1 student from Computer Engineering, HKU shared her feelings as follows: Having been a student all my life, I managed to gain an insight of the challenges of being a teacher through teaching in Sichuan, seeing the students’ enthusiastic reactions was particularly heartwarming. It was a very pleasant experience to share my knowledge with the students there.

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“This is a very meaningful project. The primary school students and also our students benefited a lot from this project. This is truly an experiential leaning for our students.” said Prof. Ben Young, Professor of the Department of Civil Engineering. (1st right on the photo)

A continuous commitment to students in Sichuan

The Installation team was tasked with improving the information technology of the school in an assortment of ways. Though difficulties in overcoming the lack of accommodating technological resources were encountered, the team nevertheless managed to install wifi system on each floor of the school, effectively making the entire school covered with wifi signals. The installation team divided into several groups and helped out on different floors. Some of the students were watching closely in the computer room doing system control and testing while some others were even exposed in the fierce sunshine, striving to set up the wires all over the school building.

“It’s a great chance we can use the theory we learnt in class in a practical way.” said Lin Tsz Ngai, a year 1 student from EcomE, Faculty of Engineering, HKU.

After the constructions of renewable energy systems, multimedia classroom and e-learning system in the previous two years, HKU students and teachers continued to provide their service this year to the school to facilitate their connection with the world, and further enhanced our mutual communication.

“By contributing this effort to the impoverished regions of Sichuan, we hope our students can apply advanced technology and their specialized knowledge and expertise to help the students there, in order to brighten the educational future of countless students, establish progress, and improve the quality of life for many people.”, said Dr. Wilton Fok, the Assistant Dean, External Relations and Knowledge Exchange, of the Faculty of Engineering.

“This is the 3rd time we served in this reconstructed school. It is definitely fulfilling to see the works our students have done there. The WiFi system we installed this time will go a long way in establishing an e-campus. It is really amazing to see how much our students can contribute when their enthusiasm, professional skills, teamwork, and dedication are synergized together.” Dr. Philip Pong, Assistant Professor of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering.

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Dr. Wilton Fok (left photo) and Dr. Philip Pong (right photo) demonstrated to the students how to install WiFi in the reconstructed school

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