Reconstructed Sichuan

Followed the success of the Sichuan reconstruction project in 2009, the HKU Sichuan reconstruction team, including 4 teachers and 20 students from the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, went to Sichuan again in May 2010. The team further improved the facilities in the reconstructed school in Deyang. An engineering team installed IP cameras in the computer room and micro wind turbines at the roof. An education team taught the local students science, computer and English.

The team departure from the Hong Kong International Airport

Engineering services

Installation of Micro Wind Turbine

Dr. Philip Pong and Cindy Cheng (EE3) soldering the micro wind turbine

Ken Law, Dennis Ho and Eric Au Yeung install the IP camera at the roof of the school

The multimedia computer room, solar panels and micro wind turbine, which were all built by HKU students, can now be viewed through the Internet

Teaching services

Dr. Philip Pong and Cindy Cheng (EE3) soldering the micro wind turbine

Tian Xue Qi (EE2) taught binary number in the class

Dr. Vincent Tam presented the gifts to the winners

Li Ying Chi (EComE3) and Wendy Chung (EComE3) taught the Newton’s law of physics for the local students

From left: Ma Ying (EComE2) and Li Jia Wen (EComE2) taught English

Played games with the students

From left: Hong Yang (EE2), Li Jia Wen (EComE2), Ms TY Tsang (Principal of the reconstructed school), Wei Fan (EComE2), Tian Xue Qi (EE2), Wang Xiao Fei, (EE2), Ma Ying (EComE2)