Best Youth Service Award

The HKU Sichuan Reconstruction Project awarded the Best Youth Service Award in the 10th Anniversary of the International Volunteer Closing Ceremony. The award was granted by the Agency for Volunteer Service for the celebration of the “10th Anniversary of the International Year of Volunteers” and the “International Year of Youth” and to recognize great and inspiring youth volunteer projects.The HKU Sichuan Reconstruction Project was selected as one of the three Best Youth Service Awards. The Chairman of the Legislative Council Mr. Tsang Yuk Shing presented the Award to the student representatives Ms Ada Tien (Engineering year 3) and Mr. Christopher Lee (PhD. Year 1). They served in the Reconstruction Project in 2010 and 2009 respectively.

There were over 100 teachers and students joined this project in the last three summers since 2009. The project was initiated by the Sichuan Earthquake Roundtable Fund in 2009. Teachers contributed in this project include Dr. Wilton Fok, Dr. Philip Pong, Prof. Ben Young, Dr. YC Wu, Dr. Alfred Yu, Dr. Vincent Tam, Dr. KS Lui and Dr. Allan Yuen.

Ms.Ada Tien (EEE Year 3) and Mr. Christopher Lee (PhD Year 1) represented the group and received the award from the Chairman of the HKSAR Legislative Council Mr. Tsang Yuk Shing

From Left: Dr. Wilton Fok (the teacher coordinator), Dr. F.C. Chan (the President of Hong Kong Institution of Enigneers), Ms Ada Tien, Mr. Dennis Ho, Ms. Zoe Yiu, Hon Tsang Yuk Shing (Guest of honour), Mr. Eric Au Yeung, Mr. Ken Law, Mr. Luk Chuen Kit, Mr. Kam Ning, Mr. Christopher Lee