Engineering Students revisit Sichuan

Members of the Faculty of Engineering continued to show support towards the earthquake relief activities after the Sichuan 5.12 earthquake in 2008. In June 2014, 16 students, teachers staff and alumni visited Wenchuan 7-1 Yingxiu Secondary School (汶川七一映秀中學) and completed their 5th Sichuan reconstruction mission. This is a Student Knowledge Exchange Project funded by the Knowledge Exchange Fund.

The mission involved undergraduate students studying Electrical Engineering, Medical Engineering, Computer Science as well as postgraduate students taking Master in Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management and PhD in Electrical Engineering. They enhanced the iClass technology in Wenchuan 7-1 Yingxiu Secondary School which was first built and developed in June 2013, with expertise brought from running the same iClass technology in Hong Kong secondary schools.

The team of engineering graduates which built the iClass mobile learning system – Eric Au Yeung (BEng(EComE) 2010), Ken Law (BEng(EComE) 2010) and Alan Chiang (BEng(CS) 2010) have also been core members of the HKU Sichuan Reconstruction Project which commenced in 2009. With devotion and determination, the team has successfully brought the project to the next level to Wenchuan 7-1 Yingxiu Secondary School, classes were conducted by HKU students using the iClass system inside the computer lab. The teachers and students of that school have adapted the iClass technology in their lessons as they have been finding it useful and interactive. To further encourage the use of new technology in teaching and learning in Wenchuan, Dr. Wilton Fok, Assistant Dean of Engineering and leader of the project presented “The latest trends in teaching and learning” to the local teachers and students.

Group photo before departure at the Hong Kong International Airport

Mok Ka Hei (Comp Sci Yr 2) and Alan Chiang (BEng(CS) 2010) taught the local teacher how to use the iClass TV network

Installation of the the iClass TV system

The team demonstrating the iClass system to Wenchuan Qiyi Yingxiu Secondary School’s teachers and students.

Dr. Wilton Fok delivered a seminar titled “The latest trends in teaching and learning” to the local teachers and students.

The team was happily greeted by Wenchuan Qiyi Yingxiu Secondary School’s teachers and students

Cheerful moments with the students

The team also visited the former site of Xuankou Middle School (漩口中学) which was severely damaged during the 5.12 Sichuan Earthquake.

A simple ceremony was held to mourn and pay respects to the deceased.