Student Interflow with the University of Electronics Science and Technology of China

20 EEE students visited the University of Electronics Science and Technology of China and jointed an Interflow Conferences with students from UESTC on May 25, 2010.

Student Gavin Liu, Cindy Cheng, Huang Chao, Yew Kok Jin, Derek Chen, Ada Tien, Kam Ning and Zoe Yiu and Helen Hung presented different topics in the conference. The topics included the school reconstruction project in Deyang contributed by HKU, Mainland students studying in Hong Kong, Education and Development in Singapore and Malaysia, Wind Power System with demonstration and the Wuhan-Guangzhou Express Railway. Knowledge was exchanged between students in HKU and Sichuan University.

Students and teachers from HKU and UESTC attended the Student Interflow Conference

Dr. Wilton Fok addressed an opening remark

Ms. Cindy Cheng (EE3) on behalf the student delegates to present the HKU flag to UESTC

Ms. Li Jia Wen (EComE2) (Left) and Ms. Helen Hung (EE2) (Right) were the Master of the Ceremony of the Interflow Conference

From Right: Cindy Cheng (EE3), Gavin Liu (EComE3) and Wendy Chung (EE3) demonstrated the Micro Wind Turbine in the conference

Yew Kok Jin (EE2), an international student from Malaysia, presented the education and development in Singapore and Malaysia.

Dr. Philip Pong, Dr. Wilton Fok, Dr. Vincent Tam and Dr. K.S. Lui exchanged souvenirs with teachers of UESTC

After the serious Students Interflow Conference, HKU students and UESTC students joint a team building activity together. HKU students are playing hard and working hard!