Summer Programme 2019

The HKUEEE Summer Programme 2019 is a one-week programme tailored for senior high-school students filled with hands-on electronic projects, field trip, and most importantly, fun! It took place from 15-19 July 2019, and below we sample snapshots of the event:

Students were formed into teams to produce their own gadgets built with electronic components using breadboards, Microbit and Raspberry Pi:

In the middle of the week, we had a field trip and visited Sensetime Group Ltd ( in the Science Park.

Group photo taken at Sensetime Group Ltd.

And followed by visit to a young and energetic startup named High Tech Technology Ltd. ( in Science Park.

Group photo taken at High Tech Technology Ltd.

Dim-Sum lunch at Science Park.

Final stop: ASM Pacific Technology (

Group photo taken at ASM.

Back to work~~~a little bit, doing microbit!

Then the dessert, named Raspberry Pi!

Turned out the bits and pi were not edible, so a farewell lunch (with real food) was necessary to draw a perfect conclusion to the summer programme.

Group photo!

For all the photos during the summer programme, please click here for download.