Summer Internship Programme

Summer Internship Program (Pilot) is a two-week program filled with fun, games and prizes jointly organized with the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering(EEE) of HKU, HKCCCU Logos Academy, and Harrow International School from 4 -15 August, 2014.

Students form into groups to produce a car that uses light sensors plus an Arduino “brain” to “think”, “see” and “track” a path made out of black duct tape!

Car Racing Movie Clip 1:

Car Racing Movie Clip 2:

Car Racing Movie Clip 3:

Welcome to download photos & movie clip 1, 2, & 3 here.

Some testimonials from students:

“I think that this course is truly a very meaningful experience as we had never learned how to program.”

“I really think that this workshop set is amazing.”

“I really got a meaningful and unforgettable experience in this workshop.”

“I learned about engineering, how to build a system from a truth table, programming the Arduino, and different kinds of electronic components.”

“It was interesting and when we finally made a product I got a sense of accomplishment.”

“I am more familiar about what an electronics engineer does, and I gained a lot knowledge about triple E.”