Summer Internship Programme 2015

The HKUEEE Summer Programme 2015 is a two-week programme tailored for senior high-school students filled with hands-on electronic projects, field trip, company internship opportunities, and most importantly, fun!

It has taken place from 14-24 July and below we sample snapshots of the event:

Moreover, students are formed into teams to produce their own gadgets built with electronic components from littleBits (

Download video clips here: movie clip 1, 2,3,4, &5,

Several students also went over to experience a one-day internship at Playmore (

While the rest went to ASTRI ( and HK Science Park ( to check out exciting demos:

All photo can be downloaded in here :D!

At the end, students said:

“This program is a very valuable learning experience. Much can be learnt in this programme, including programming skills and an engineering mind-set etc. I recommend any student interested in engineering and computer science to join and learn from this programme.”

“We can work with peers to train our problem solving, teamwork and communication skills.”

“I enjoyed the course very much, especially when I discovered that visible light can transfer information!”

“Yet overall, this is a very enlightening camp, I hope HKUEEE can hold more of these camps, such that there will be more of these valuable learning opportunities for students.”