Outstanding Teaching Assistance Award Ceremony 2013


Chee Adrian Jian Yuan, Cheng Kai Lok, Liang Liang, Liu Li and Ng Ho Cheung have been prized as the outstanding Teaching Assistance (TA) Awards for their services in 2012-2013. In order to dictate the honor to these most brilliant candidates, our department has launched a TA award ceremony.

The Award Presentation Ceremony was a great chance for us to meet up with each other and regarding this as a get-together function to share the personal experiences, and academic inspirations. Professor Victor Li, Head of Department, presided at the ceremony and Prof. KT Chau, Dr. Edmund Lam, Dr. Hayden So, Dr. Vincent Tam Dr. Kenneth Wong and Mr. WK Lee were the guests.

The TA Award Presentation Ceremony 2013 was held on Monday, November 4, 2013 at CYC 603 at 2:30 pm and there were around 20 attendants to share the happiness with the award recipients.